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Sena self-priming pump for swimming pools

  • Product Code: ΑΝΤΛΙΑ SENA ASTRAL
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E x c e l l e n t d e s i g n , g r e a t f e a t u r e s

The high flow rating and low noise level of Sena pumps go hand in hand to meet all the needs of private pools with an attractive design that is characteristic of AstralPool equipment. A special feature of this pump version is its self-priming capacity: at more than 2 m without a foot valve. 

In addition, Sena pumps are manufactured with engineering plastics and have a 2-litre prefilter fitted with a transparent lid for viewing the inside of the prefilter.


• Stainless steel nuts and bolts for the pump

• 1.5” suction and return connectors for Ø 50mm tubing.

• Mechanical closure manufactured in AISI 316.

• NORYL ® impeller.

• Pump body and diffuser manufactured of polypropylene with mineral filler and fibreglass.

• Class F insulation and IP-55 motor protection

for operation in high-humidity, hightemperature environments.

• Self-priming at more than 2 m.

• Standard 50 Hz range; also available in 60 Hz.

Sena pumps run at full duty with optimal noise levels for all models, thereby minimizing the effects of noise on the pool surroundings.