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Flocculants, Clarifiers Cartridge 500gr (4 cartridge)

  • Brand: QP
  • Product Code: QP CARTR 0.5KG
  • Availability: In Stock
19.84€ Ex Tax: 16.00€

 Flocculants, Clarifiers Cartridge 0.5Kg to improve sand filter filtration.

It flocs and coagulates the impurities in suspension of the pool water, favoring filtration quality. Creates a layer on the sands that retains the particles that would pass through the filter, preventing transparency.


After washing the filter against the current, place in the skimmer 1 cartridge of QUIMIFLOC, for every 50 m3 every 2 washes countercurrent or 2 times a month, according to turbidity.