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terms of use online store "my-pool"

   The website contains electromechanical equipment, simple equipment and consumables for use in swimming pools and swimming pools as well as in water or water treatment plants.

    The prospective customer should either know exactly what type he is looking for or provide us with all the appropriate information to help us decide properly about the machine, component or usability it needs. The final decision and market responsibility are the responsibility of the customer. The owner of the online store is not responsible, unless he / she has indicated in writing by email, for the final selection.

    It requires an order to prioritize the investigation and control of the goods to be purchased, both from the technical specifications existing at and on the websites of the manufacturers.

    For possible differences that arise after receiving and using machines or merchandise, the Courts of the Athenians are competent.

    Products delivered to the customer by the shipping company and the packaging has been opened or split during transport, are not received or returned to the condition they are in, after the packs are first taken and the customer comes in concert with the eshop managers.

 For the use of chemicals purchased from our online store, the buyer has the ultimate responsibility for implementing and taking security measures. It is recommended that the buyer-end user cooperate with a specialist technician.