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NEOLYSIS AP Chlore 12Gr/h +UV LS

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The UV technology with the low salt chlorination combination in only one reactor has become a solution for the treatment and disinfection of the pool water (residential and commercial). Neolysis system is able to add the characteristics and the most notable advantages of each technology and also correct its failures, problems or limitations. Individually, both UV technology and Salt Chlorination are well known in the market; however, Neolysis obtains the incredible result of the combination of these technologies in only one reactor.

Main characteristics and advantages are:

  • No need to add salt in the pool vessel.
  • Highly effective double disinfection (UVC + Chlorine in-situ/Anode Oxidation).
  • Increase in Chloramines removal capacity (UVC + Cathodic Reduction).
  • Enhances positive sustainability effects thanks to water and energy savings. No more filter backwash with the aim of reducing chloramines (<0.6ppms).
  • Very interesting synergic treatment thanks to oxidative ability with residual effect. 
  • Avoids completely the use/addition of chlorinated products (hypochlorite, chlorine in tablets, etc.).
  • salinity 2-3gr/lit 
  • Production control - 11 levels
  • Electrodes self cleaning titanium activated 10-12000h
  • Number of electrodes 7
  • Rated UV 48W , lamps Hours 13000