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pool robot Pulit Advance +5

  • Brand: PULIT
  • Product Code: PULIT ADV+5
  • Availability: In Stock
1,147.00€ Ex Tax: 925.00€
Three-dimensional filtersThey come with a new ultrafiner 3D filter as a standard feature.

  • PVA brushesThe best quality for a better grip
  • LED indicatorThe LED indicator shows when the filter is full.
  • Extra powerful brushThe extra powerful brush even cleans the joints between the pool shell’s tiles
  • Easy openThe filters are easy to reach from the top of the cleaner.
  • Vibrating brushAn extra powerful brush for a deeper clean
  • Gyro technology:This new smart navigation system will ensure your pool is thoroughly cleaned every time. It avoids all types of obstacles and has a tangle-free power cable
  • Clean handsThere is no need to come into contact with the dirt to clean the filter.
  • Adjustable suction nozzlesMaximum suction
  • Length of cable 18m
  • Cleaning cycles 1.5/2h
  • Caddy and vibration brush
  • Warranty 2 years