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  • Product Code: LINER ALKORPLAN 150/100
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Liner  150/100  (1.5  mm  thick)  is  composed  of  two  PVC  films  laminated  together  with  a  polyester  weft.  

This  makes  it  particularly  suited  for  collective  or  frequently  used  pools,  rehabilitated cracked pools... 

Liner 150/100 comes in 1.65 m wide x 25.2 m long rolls, but is not ready-to-lay. It must be welded into place thermally or with solvent (THF) 

by a skilled pool technician. 

Main specifications:

•Ideal for replacing pool lining because of ease of assembly and low cost in comparison with replacing Gresite tiles or standard cladding.         

•Ensures total watertightness in odd shaped pools or pools with nume-rous steps.

•Compatible with concrete, prefabricated or steel panel pools. Can also be installed in pools with overflow.