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Liner PVC membrane in old pools

This membrane used in swimming pools and not only, in order to invest internally the pool but also to the seal holding the water.
Many ignore the existence of, others standing in epifyllaktikoi to opt for the pool and those who have the attitude is fanatic !!!.

Through this article we will try to dosoume you all the necessary information in order to know the material, the advantages and disadvantages, how and when can be used.
Is that some pool owners steganotititas problems facing the pool however we say "loses water" and we can not stop the leak. In some of these cases water loss is due to RIGMA from the tank and it is very difficult to be repaired permanently.

Others who are laying tile or psifida, facing problems with detachment, with the joints, the restoration cost is high if not impossible and and temporary solutions.
Whoever chose to solution "screed-painting" are tired of spending continuously for scrubbing and painting.
In the above case also comes the LINER material from PVC to give permanent solution to paraano problems.
In all these cases there is the possibility of membrane installation LINER of PVC, which will offer a pool without problems over the next 20 to 30 years, if you follow the very simple instructions maintenance.
You need to know in principle that there are two basic categories of PVC LINER FILMS

⦁ the oplismenes thickness 1,5 or 1,4 mm which can be found in shutters width 1,6-2,0m, which can be installed by technicians with thermal use
⦁ unarmed 0,8mm thickness which are produced in the shape of our pool and which one even if there is an expert to place

The barehand is clearly cheaper (at least -50%) from the cocked but short life time. The indicative cost of such expenditure should be aware that amounts to 20 EURO / m2 approximately, depending on the brand, the color, the shape.
The Armed could be said to ensure us for life. The cost of a reinforced its position one can find from 20-35 EURO / m2 approximately. Parameters determining the cost are the steps that nobody needed (more is more economically) the shape which determines the degree of difficulty in installation, preliminary work on the surface, the number of the components to be flantzothoun.

Something that will be answered is the following: it can be placed in pools with overflow and other skimmers. There is no problem in the result in both cases. In case of overflow but it requires the cooperation with experienced staff for inserting because the work is particularly demanding.
About the colors, all the companies who produce has sufficient COLOR to satisfy all tastes.
Good luck
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