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Glass Filter Media ASTRALPOOL, 25Kg

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Active Clear Glass

Filter media environmentally friendly made from glass recycled. 25 kg bag.


  • Glass filter media is more efficient: Saving on backwashing and the resultant water, energy and chemical treatment costs.
  • It's angular to sub-angular particle shape and bound silica content provides a 30% improvement in turbidity removal over silica sand.
  • It generally removes finer particles from water than the equivalent grade of silica sand. 
  • It's non porous composition means its less likely to ''clump'' or channel than silica sand.
  • With superior permeability, back washes take less time, saving water/sewer charges, and energy and chemical treatment costs.


Glass filter media keeps cleaner:

  • It's less susceptible to bio-fouling as, unlike silica sand Glass media's particles have a smooth surface area, so bacteria can't get 
  • trapped in any cracks or flaws, which translates to less remedial action and again less chemical treatment to kill pollutants. 
  • Glass filter media requires less material: It's less dense than sand, requiring 10% less media to fill the equivalent filter. 
  • Glass filter media doesn't degrade: It therefore has a longer file span and may not need changing even when the filters are due for refurbishment.