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Anti Foam 1LIT

  • Brand: prodachem
  • Product Code: DEF 1LIT
  • Availability: pre order
26.04€ Ex Tax: 21.00€
  • Removes foams from the SPA water.
  • Removes foams from spa water by agitation of the water.
  • Removes foams caused by grease present in the water

Compound specially formulated to combat the foaming of spa water caused by the agitation of the water and the grease present.
The product is ready to use and should be added directly or pre-diluted, at a concentration of 5 to 10ml per m³ of water to be defoamed / one capful of product, depending on the characteristics of the system according to the air insufflation, the amount of foam present, the temperature, etc.
Pour the product evenly over the surface of the SPA.