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  • Product Code: STRIPS 4 IN 1
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Test strips for chlorine/bromine, alkalinity, pH and hardness

The Insta-TEST 4 Plus pool & spa strip measures Free Chlorine 0-10 ppm, Bromine 0-20 ppm, Total Alkalinity 0-240 ppm, pH 6.2-9.0, and Total Hardness 0-800 ppm.

This test strip is a dip-n-read strip with instant results. Each bottle includes 50 test strips packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with a hinged cap. The bottle has a molded desiccant liner, which protects the strips from moisture and UV light.

The Insta-TEST 4 Plus strip is ideal for spa owners who need the most critical tests for perfect water balance.

Packaged 50 strips per bottle.