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The electric heat exchanger, from the series D-EWT-NEO, consists of a pressure resistant shell, made out of nonflammable

plastic, which makes it suitable as electro technical product. All the other components are well thought through and made out of first class

materials. It comes equipped triple protected, with control thermostat 0-40°C, safety thermostat 50°C, and flow switch as low water

protection, as well as two wall mounts. The heating elements are either Incoloy 825 or titanium. The titanium heating elements are

totally corrosion resistant and therefore also suitable for sea water. The electric heat exchanger is extremely versatile - for heating

swimming pools, whirlpools and similar facilities. It works perfectly for permanent and mobile facilities. It is easily and simply connected to the


water circuit with the handy gluing socket D50. You can expect product longevity if the safety and installation instructions are closely followed.


Technical Information

heat capacity 3 kW

min. pump capacity 3000 l/h

max. pressure Max.  2,5 bar

material shell PP 30% FG.FR

material heating element  Incoloy / titanium

IP - code          IPX4 IPX4

current at 1x230  12,9 A

frequency         50/60 Hz

contactor control  outside



A=287 mm , B=gluing socket=D.50 , C=465 mm , D=260 mm