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robotic pool cleaner HAYWARD TigerShark 2

  • Brand: HAYWARD
  • Availability: In Stock
1,636.80€ Ex Tax: 1,320.00€

TigerShark® 2 and TigerShark 2 Plus with Remote are the most advanced, automatic, portable pool cleaners in the industry. These cleaners have a preset 7-hour cleaning cycle. They calculate the size of your pool with on-board computers and program themselves for the most efficient cleaning pattern. They even shut off at the end of their cleaning cycle. Powerful on-board pumps suck up dirt and debris, while they scour pool bottom, walls, inclines, and steps. They feature a patented easy-clean removable cartridge. Just remove and rinse clean with a garden hose.


TigerShark 2 Plus includes wireless remote control to maneuver around the pool bottom with ease, or spot clean whenever a full cleaning cycle is not needed


Pre-set work cycle

Patented easy-clean filter cartridge

Caddy cart not included

TigerShark 2 Plus has same specifications as TigerShark 2 plus wireless remote control