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TigerShark Series

  • Brand: HAYWARD
  • Product Code: RC9990CEF
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The iconic workhorse of the industry.

Featuring intelligent microprocessor-based technology, TigerShark robotic cleaners 

scour all pool surfaces quickly and completely. With an on-board pump, they boast 

strong vacuum power and energy-efficient operation. Their reinforced polyester 

filter cartridges are easy to clean, just open the cleaner, remove the cartridge and 

rinse. TigerShark cleaners don’t require any additional pumps, hookups or hoses. 

Because they run separately from the pool's filtration system, less water is used for 

backwashing.  For the best results in less time, trust the cleaners renowned for their 

reliability, efficiency and ease of use—the TigerShark series from Hayward.